The Many Benefits of Decorative Window Films

Transform home or office spaces with decorative window and wall treatments from Denver window tint experts SG Window Tint.

Decorative films provide architects, interior designers, and owners with an extraordinary collection of creative options. Decorative film applications include:

  • Glass treatments that provide privacy, ambiance or marketing that can incorporate patterns and dimensional elements
  • Wall treatments
    • Business: signage, product examples and information, logos, and more
    • Home: use decorative film like you would art, or other wall treatments. This can add depth, character, pattern and warmth to any space of the home.

If you are planning for a residential or commercial project, consider the benefits of decorative film:

Extensive Design Options

Decorative window film offers a wide variety of pre-designed options to choose from including treatments for glass, walls, and other surfaces. Decorative film can also be fully customized to your installation with graphics, colors, and textures to meet the design and functional goals of home and business.

Stylish and Affordable

Custom Denver window tint and decorative film give the appearance of luxury and adds a stylish, professional look to any space.

You can use decorative film to create a unique etched, stained or frosted glass appearance at a much lower price point. Decorative film is durable, yet easily removed. Design updates of your office or home are easily accomplished without removing the glass itself.

Enhances Privacy

Decorative window film is perfect for increasing privacy on glass interior surface without reducing the light and open feel of the space. Strategically placed, decorative film provides privacy where you need it the most.

Needing help deciding on which option is best for you? Contact the best Denver window tint experts, SG Window Tint and let their experts help you pick from a variety of styles, and patterns, to fit the design goals of the space of your home or office.

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