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Save 10% By Choosing Multiple Vehicle Services

Our best deal: Combining Window Tint, Paint Protection Film & Ceramic Coating

Save 10% On two Or More services from SG Window Tint

Choose any two (or more) of our automotive service categories and build a custom package of car window tint, clear bra and/or ceramic coating and SAVE 10% on the entire ticket.

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Car Window Tinting

Paint Protection Film

Ceramic Coatings

This offer is good on any combination of window tinting, ceramic coating & paint protection film that includes a hood & fender clear bra application when applied at the same appointment. Discount packages are available on 2006 and newer model year vehicles only.

Ceramic Window Tinting Packages

We also offer a group of packages for ceramic window tinting that includes tinting the whole vehicle (including the windshield) in a high performance ceramic tint. These packages DO qualify for this 10% discount when combined with other services.

Ceramic Window Tinting Packages

Why just get window tinting or clear bra when you can SAVE if you get BOTH???

Our customers are happiest when choosing both the look & heat reduction of window tinting and the paint protection of clear bra. We are making it easier than ever to choose a car tinting & clear bra package! Quickly and easily SAVE 10% by having the services done all at once.

We do not pre-build window tinting & clear bra packages because there are so many different possibilities and combinations. Instead, we will custom build a package for you! You will save 10% on any combination of window tinting & clear bra (it must include a hood and fender clear bra application). For example, if you selected a Tier 3 tint on a four door car ($449) and a 18" hood & fender clear bra ($315), your total ticket would normally be $764. With your discount, you will get these services for $688.

The Llumar Paint Protection Film product used for this package is an American Made paint protection film that has a much higher clarity than the standard 3M clear bra. Plus, this film is SELF HEALING, keeping it looking good for years to come! It is an excellent product from a reputable manufacture!

In this example, you will pay $688 for services that would normally sell for $764!

Clear Bra & Window Tinting Packages have NEVER been easier or more affordable.

Coating & Paint Protection Film Are The Perfect Match

Paint protection film, or clear bra is the very highest form of paint protection for your vehicle. Ceramic coating is excellent for protecting the rest of your vehicle from UV damage, surface scratches and stains by adding a hydrophobic layer to your paint. They combine to offer the most practical and a highly effective combination for keeping your paint looking shinny and new!

Get 10% OFF your ceramic coating service when combined with a Paint Protection Film installation from SG Window Tint!

For example, if you selected a Platinum Paint Protection Film Package on a sedan ($999) and a polish and full car coating ($1,199), your total ticket would normally be $2,198 if bought separately. With your discount, you will get these services for $1,978.

Select a clear bra package & ceramic coating service for the very best protection for your vehicle.


Check out the testimonials from our happy customers below

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really spectacular tech

Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable shop! They specialize in window tint and paint protective film.. so they really know what they are doing! Really spectacular tech who has been here for 4 years!

Gabrielle P.

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lifetime warranty a huge plus

Had my fronts tinted to match the rears. Appreciated them walking me through every film option and finding the best shade % to match. Few weeks later, everything is still perfect. Follow the care instructions and you're set. Lifetime warranty a huge plus for those of us who plan to run our trucks into the ground.

Michael M.

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everything from start to finish was very professional

I was looking to have my two front windows tinted to match the back windows and Denver Auto Tint did an excellent job! Everything from start to finish was very professional and the finished product on the vehicle was spot on. I would definitely recommend their services and will be using them again in the future.

Chris H.

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