After Care For Ceramic Coating



Learn How To Care For Your Car Ceramic Coating

  1. Do Not Wash Your Car For 7 Days

    Wait a week to wash your car allowing the ceramic coating to fully cure to your vehicle.

  2. Do Not Use An Automatic Car Wash

    The brushes of automatic car washes will damage your ceramic coating. One time through an automated car wash can permanently damage the ceramic coating on your car. Your car should be hand washed after the ceramic coating is complete.

  3. Wash Your Car Regularly

    To get the best results you want to keep the paint of your car clean. Wash your ceramic coated vehicle every 7 to 14 days.

  4. Use Adam's Graphene Boost and/or Graphene Shampoo

    You will get the best performance and experience from your newly installed ceramic coating from SG Window Tint if you utilize the maintenance products designed by Adam's to keep the hydrophobic and protection properties of the ceramic coating in place. Adam's Graphene Boost or Adam's Graphene Shampoo (or a combination of the two) used on their recommended increments and recommended application methods will keep your vehicle's coating and paint fresh longer.

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Check out the testimonials from our happy customers below

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Pretty Amazing Job

He did a pretty amazing job on the car. It’s a great place to get window tint. The customer service making the appointment was outstanding and accommodating to my schedule and they took great care of my care.

Crystal L.

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Highly Recommend

Made appointment, showed up an he was done in a few hours. AWESOME JOB!👍I couldn’t be more pleased. Going to bring my Marquis for him to do also. Highly recommend

Kevin L.

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Really Seem To Care About Their Customers

I’ve had these guys tint 2 cars so far and they’ve done a great job on both. They’re super cool and professional, and I definitely recommend taking your car here. The price is fair for the market and they really seem to care about their customers.

Stephen C.

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