The Benefits Of Ceramic Window Tinting

With so many different types of window tint films to choose from out there, it may be a bit difficult to figure out which option is best for you. However, ceramic window tinting has paved its way into the Window Tint Denver market as a leader in the window tinting industry to offer the best appearance, quality, and of course, protection.

What is Ceramic Window Tinting?

Free from carbon, metal, and any dyes, the ceramic film is composed of very tiny ceramic-based nanoparticles that cannot be seen by the naked eye. This means that ceramic tint is visually clearer as compared to other vehicle window tint materials.

Ceramic tint comes in a true carbon color that looks incredible with factory tint or on its own while maintaining a high level of outward visibility.

The best ceramic window tint films offer a high scratch resistance coating, which is expected to last a long time if you have it installed by a Window Tint Denver Professional.

The Benefits of Ceramic Window Tint: What are They?

When you decide to use ceramic window tints for your vehicle, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. First Rate Durability and Quality
  2. Premium Heat Rejection Performance
  3. No Interference with Cell Phone or GPS signal
  4. High level of glare protection and control
  5. The blocking of UV Rays (Protection of your car's interior from fading and sun damage, as well as lessening your chances of getting skin cancer.)

Metalized Window Tint, What is it?

The metalized window tint is composed of little metal particles that cannot be seen by the naked eyes. These tiny particles are used efficiently to reject the IR and UV rays. While metalized film are very effective for heat and UV rejection ceramic film performs better in both of those areas.

The look of metalized tint varies from manufacture to manufacture.

These tints can inhibit interference with signals sent from radio towers and can befuddle cell phone and GPS services – though it is unlikely. Simultaneously, the installation of ceramic window films does not mess with any transmissions or reception at all.

What is Dyed Window Film?

The simplest and most affordable type of window film is dyed window films. As the name suggests, dyed window films have a dyed film that acts as a barrier between sunlight and harmful UV rays.

Dyed film rejects visible light and UV light predominately. Dyed window tint does very little to reject IR solar energy. Thus, it does not do a good job of reducing the heat that is coming through your car windows.

Dyed window tint is the least durable type of window tint. This is because the dye in the film is the most likely to discolor or fade.

Ceramic vs Metallic Window Tint

If you are at a crossroads when deciding whether you want to purchase Ceramic window tint versus Metallics window tint, it usually boils down to three factors.

  1. Do you like the cosmetic look of the ceramic tint?
  2. Do you want the highest performance window tint available?
  3. Are you ok with the potential for interference with your mobile devices?

Metallic and dyed window tints are less expensive than Ceramic window tinting; however, they offer much less in the way of performance benefits.

Call the Best Window Tint Installers Denver Has to Offer

Ceramic window tinting has a wide variety of uses, not just for vehicle windows but also for commercial and residential windows. When looking for a reliable, effective, and durable window tint in Denver and the surrounding areas, you should highly consider using ceramic window film.

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