Sustainability Through Window Film At Your Office

Making a Green Choice in your Office with Solar Window Film

When you think of the term "Going Green," in your office or commercial workspace, you may think of the recycling box next to the copy machine.

However, just as sustainability becomes more crucial, developers and property managers are selecting creative answers for commercial properties. They are making sustainable choices by turning to Solar Window Film. Solar window film is a sun protecting type of commercial window tint.

Solar window film will reduce energy costs, save energy, and allow workers to be in a comfortable environment.

Let's look at three benefits of Making a Green Choice in your Office by Using Solar Window Film

Reasons to Use Solar Window Film in the Office

Based on the Department of Energy, commercial buildings use 40 percent of the energy in the country. Commercial spaces such as hotels, government buildings, and healthcare facilities are using these Denver window tint films to reduce energy

Analyze these three ways Solar Window Films can help you go green in your commercial or office setting.

1. Sun Protection

The use of Solar Window Film can reduce glare and annoying building reflection so one can focus on work. With the use of Solar Window Films in a commercial or office setting, heat can be reduced up to 63% without blocking light and natural views. Use of Solar Window Films in your business or office setting will keep employees productive and comfortable all day. Plus, solar window film offers protection from 99.9 percent of the harmful UV rays

2. Reduce Energy Use and Reduce Carbon Emissions

Another big reason and the added benefit of Solar Control Window Films in your commercial or office setting is the film's ability to lower the building's energy usages, costs, and carbon footprint.

The use of Solar Control Widow Film can regulate the temperatures in your commercial or office space. These films lessen the sun's heat during the Summer months and avert heat from departing the area during the colder months of Fall and Winter. Which, in turn, means reduced usage of the HVAC system of the commercial or office setting.

3. Saves Money

The main point is that Solar Window Films will reduce the amount of heat coming into the building from the windows. This will allow the building to be kept at a more comfortable temperature. Less energy is needed for heating or cooling, which saves money.

Additional Benefits

  • Window film installations are typically much more affordable than other window coverings
  • Windows film normally pays for itself within three years
  • Use of Solar Films provides UV protection will lower the change of the sun's UV rays from fading your office interiors and exteriors.

Your Denver Window Film Experts

Call Denver Window Tint experts SG Window Tint for all your window tinting needs. SG provides high-quality services and affordable window films for all its customers. They have several products to allow a workplace to become more energy-efficient and to go green.

If you have a commercial project or have a potential customer that is looking to save money and go green, they can call SG Window Tint for a free estimate.