How to Select the Best Window Films for Privacy

There are so many advantages that window film has to offer. You definitely want to protect the inside of your home from any damage due to the sun’s UV rays, which may cause skin cancer or could cause fading to your furniture. Who does not love to save money? Well, using window films can do just that by reducing load on your HVAC system Also, nowadays, it seems that more people are using window film for privacy because of new homes being built in close proximity to one another.

So, if privacy is your number one priority, you will be happy to know that your window films' choice is not limited. Read on to learn How to Select the Best Window Films for Privacy.

Let’s take a look at which window films are best for privacy.1. Decorative Window Film

Interested in an aesthetically pleasing window film that comes in an array of colors and several designs? If so, then a decorative window film may be what you are looking for!

A decorative window film is customizable to take on a unique look, or you can select from endless patterns and styles. Without a doubt, you will be able to find a decorative film material design that you will fit your style.

Want to block out the sun’s harmful UV rays? Well, decorative window films can do this. These films can block over 99% damaging UV rays from entering your Denver home, office, or business.

Another benefit of the decorative window film is that they offer another way to maintain the in “natural” light of your windows. Looking for privacy? Decorative films are designed to control the view from inside and outside of the dwelling, they are a great way to maintain privacy for your building or home.

One more thing to add about decorative window films is that some of them are reusable and removable. Static cling decorative film can be taken off and put back up easily once originally installed.

2. Whiteout and Blackout Films

Anyone who wants total privacy without giving up natural light, picking transparent or translucent film is the best selection for you. Translucent films give off a milky appearance that you cannot glimpse through, whether inside or out. These films offer a perfect solution for maintaining privacy in company restrooms or your office.

Are you looking for complete privacy where no natural light can peak through? Be sure to check out blackout window films. These films deliver absolute impermeability that will not grant light in or out of your premises. A Denver window tint professional may recommend having these installed on the outside of your home since it's best not to have these installed on the inside of windows, as they may gather up the heat.

On the other hand, Whiteout window films are excellent for obstructing a view into any window. Whiteout window films can be installed and used outside windows and still give your total privacy like blackout window films without generating as much heat.

3. Solar Control Window Film

The primary function of solar window films is to reflect heat and damaging UV rays from the sun. Thus, lowering your home or office's temperature during the warmer months of the year to keep the area cool. These films are exceptional when it comes to lowering the cooling costs of your office or home.

While solar control is their primary function they can be great for reducing glare maintaining privacy. Solar window films can reduce that annoying glare that employees may see on their computer screens or that bothers customers, which is never good for a business. Many like Solar window films and choose them since they allow in natural light during the day while they block out the view from outside of your dwelling. Anyone walking outside your building or office using Solar Window films will see their reflection instead of the day to day activities occurring on the inside.

This type of window film, however, is not as effective in maintaining privacy at night. If a room has a significant amount of light inside, there is a chance that people walking past outside can see the happenings going on inside.

How to Select the Best Window Film for Privacy?

Based on your window film needs, specific types or brands of window films can work better for you.

First, consider the feel and look you want for your windows, along with the benefits that each window film has to offer. In addition to privacy, you may have other considerations when selecting a window film. Things like:

  • Heat Rejection
  • UV Protection
  • Cooling savings
  • Glare Rejection
  • Cosmetics

Get Your Window Films Installed Professionally

Whatever window film you decide to go with, make sure to have it installed by a qualified Denver Window tint professional like SG Window Tint. The professionals at SG can guide you by selecting which window films best suit your needs.

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