Clear Bra is Worth the Investment

Winter is here and with the drop in temperatures and harsh weather conditions, comes road dangers like debris, rocks, cracks, potholes, and salt, which can cause severe damage to your car’s paint.

The front end of your car takes the brunt of the damage—particularly the hood, grille, and front bumper. Clear bra installation to your vehicle can protect these parts from sustaining damage.

Let’s look at the top reasons why a clear bra protection for the winter is worth the investment. These winter protective films have some real benefits.

First off, What is a Clear Bra?

A clear bra, (also known as Paint Protection Film) is a transparent protective film formed for areas of your vehicle’s paint job that are subject to damage.

Some of these areas can include:

  • Front Bumper
  • Hood
  • Fenders
  • Front Quarter panels
  • Headlights
  • Mirrors
  • Roof
  • Rocker panels

Prepare Your Car for the Denver Winter with a Clear Bra (Paint Protection Film)

Your car needs to be protected throughout the entire year, so paint protection film is worth the investment. It’s a good idea to get a Denver Clear Bra installed before the winter season hits, since that’s when road conditions become the most challenging.

  1. A Clear Bra Protects Your Vehicle from Asphalt and Loose Gravel

In Colorado, during wintertime, the roads may begin to degrade due to colder temperatures and extensive precipitation. Road surfaces also weaken and crack from previous months’ collection of debris and other materials.

When drivers in front of you drive over the damaged areas of the road, pressure from their vehicle may cause asphalt to break up into their wheels, causing it to fly in the direction of your car. With a clear bra installed, your vehicle’s paint will be protected from chips and cracks from the loose asphalt, flying debris, or rocks.

2. Paint Protective Film Provides Protection Against Chemicals

During precipitation in the winter in Denver, the Colorado Department of Transportation puts a salt-brine mix down on the road to prevent slick conditions. This mixture is corrosive to the paint job of your vehicle. Denver clear bra is designed to protect your paint from the damaging effects of winter road chemicals.

3. Helps Repel and Protect Against Dents, Scratches and Marks.

So, we’ve cited that your car is unprotected from debris during winter (rocks, road salt, gravel), which can ruin the paint on your car’s exterior. However, by applying a fine coat of PPR, you can rest assured that your vehicle is protected during Denver’s harsh winter and other external factors.

4. Your Car’s Paint Job Will Look Like New in Time for Spring

Having a Clear Bra applied to your vehicle is not only a lifesaver for your car’s paint job, but is completely invisible to your eyes. When applied correctly, your car’s original paint is fully protected while looking brand new. Plus, many types of paint protection film are self-healing. This means that if they are chipped or scratched, the material will actually heal itself with the application of heat!

Having a Clear Bra (Paint Protection Film) is a Wise Investment

It’s not expensive to get paint protection in Denver. Due to all its benefits, it’s simply worth every penny, since a new paint job or replacing parts on your car will cost much more. If you make a small investment now to protect your car’s appearance and paint, you will gain all of the cost back with resale value. Spending a little now will save you much more in the long run.

Don’t let the chance pass you by to give your vehicle extra protection and security during the winters.

At SG WindowTint, our staff has the necessary expertise when it comes to installing a Denver Paint Protection Film for your car this winter.

Let us help you protect your vehicle and save money on long-term costs associated with the hazards of Denver winters and harsh road conditions. Get a quote from us today. (303) 578-4804