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Security Anchoring Systems

Installing Wet Attachment System

Just As Important As The Film

Security window film works by holding glass together even when it is broken. This keeps intruders from easily being able to enter through your windows & dangerous glass shards from flying during blasts or natural disasters. However, without securing the film to the frame of the window, the entire area of broken glass can be detached from the window frame. This is where a Security Anchoring System comes in!

An Anchoring System secures the window film that is holding the glass together to the frame holding the glass in the opening. This is an integral step in transforming your windows from a security liability to a security ASSET.

There are a variety of Anchoring Systems available, each applying to a different set of situations. The most versatile anchor is a Wet Glaze system. This type of system uses a structural adhesive to caulk the film directly to the window frame. Other, more robust types of anchoring systems are known as "mechanical attachment systems". Mechanical attachment systems use metal plates or cables to secure the frame/film/glass system. These systems are used more commonly for bomb blast abatement & other heavy duty applications.

Wet Glaze - Dow Corning 995

Wet Glaze Information Sheet

A Wet Glaze system is a structural adhesive applied like a thick caulking bead, to create a joint that secures the security film to the frame of the window. Dow Corning 995 is the industry standard adhesive used for Wet Glaze systems. A combination of security film & Wet Glaze works by disbursing the energy that the security filmed glass is subjected to & transferring a reduced load over the entire window opening.

This attachment system is economical, effective & versatile. Wet Glaze is the preferred system for anti-intrusion application.


Framegard Information Sheet

FrameGard is a mechanical attachment system that works by clamping the security window film to the window frame.


GullWing Information Sheet

GullWing utilizes a flexible membrane that is adhered to both the security window film & the window frame. GullWing is specifically designed to keep the window from leaving the frame


LifeLine Information Sheet

LifeLine is a simple, yet highly effective anchoring system that utilizes force absorbing cables that span the window opening. This system is industrial looking & designed for catastrophic blasts.


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